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Micro Viper
Micro Viper

Micro Viper

Micro Viper
Micro Viper
Micro Viper

logo has changed due to brand change

  • Gauge: .223/5.56, Coming Soon: (7.62X39, 300 BLK Out)

  • Stock: Padded Buffer Tube, or SBA3 Pistol Brace on SBR's

  • Grip: Adaptive Tactical - Lightweight Tactical Grip (LTG)

  • Barrel Length: 4.25"

  • Overall Length: 20.5"

  • Receiver: Viper Strike Industries

    • Precision CNC Machined from Billet

    • Tapered Magwell

    • Better CQB Grip

    • EZ Trigger Adjuster

    • Upper Tensioning Device

    • Oversized Trigger Guard

    • Mil-Spec Compatible

    • Multi-Cal Markings

  • Upper: Custom Upgraded Billet Upper Receiver

  • Custom Handguard Specifically Made for the Micro Viper

  • Ambi Upgraded Charging Handle

  • Operating System: Blow Back

*Some parts may very due to availability relating to market.*

Why the Micro Viper?

As a 14 year Military Veteran, we trained Tactical Techniques in a close quarter combat environment and used these techniques in Iraq. When clearing houses, exiting and entering vehicles, our M4 barrels would constantly bump into entry ways and sometimes even team members. This was a no-go and we had to train on muzzle awareness. With the Micro Viper, muzzle awareness becomes much easier to control almost to the point of forgetting about it all together. With a 4.75" barrel, control is maintained throughout your Tactical movements.


The Micro Viper is the perfect weapon to have tucked away in your backpack. Most backpack ready AR style firearms, have foldable or detachable stocks and/or barrels. This make quick deployment of your firearm very slow, and these are usually chambered in 9mm. The Micro Viper is ready to deploy and fires right out of the backpack without any unnecessary folding or attaching movements.


We get asked a lot about the accuracy of the Micro Viper, first of all, it is designed for close quarter and home/personal defense. Secondly, it is more accurate then a Glock due to its faster rifle bullet and slightly longer barrel length. I am accurate at 50yards with the Micro Viper and I'm not a very good shot. Farther then that, is up to your abilities.

The best reason to own a Micro Viper, they are fun, concealable, and unique.


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