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We have established awesome contacts with local manufactures that we work with to manufacture our firearms. We believe highly in supporting locally as much as possible. We are working toward a 100% locally manufacture AR platform. All custom work is done in house in conjunction with our local partners. We standby and back our work 100%.

We have passion for anything that is wild and crazy, if it is weird and we here "it can't be done", we will try to make it happen. 

Custom Work

Laser Engraving

There is no limit really, when it comes to lasering smaller items such as Gun parts, leather items, knifes, nick-nacks, cups, woods, plastics

$175 for Hydro Dip or Cerakote work, includes breakdown and rebuild by our professional Gunsmith. Laser work, stippling work, and slide cuts are available.

Please call 208-642-4259 for detail.

Design & Drafting

With background in mechanical engineering and over 20 years of combined design and fabrication experience, Crossfire Metalworks LLC., has the experience and software to help design and create drawings . We specialize in various designs which includes conveyors, platforms, stairways, and custom prototypes. Contact us today for your drafting and designing needs.

Field Maintenance

Crossfire Metal Works LLC., is fully equipped for on-site fabrication, repair and maintenance. Our experience, quality craftsmanship and flexibility makes us the preferred choice for emergency repairs and shutdown maintenance for various manufacturing and industrial plants. Contact us today for your field maintenance needs.

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